Editorials About Politics

  • Public Universities' Secrets: University Corporation Skirts Law

    Florida's public ­universities are the state's premier educational institutions.

  • Public Deeds: Gigs and Garlands

    Mahatma Gandhi said, "Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes." Some people below have made mistakes; the others have given of themselves to help others or are leaders in their fields.

  • Polk's Health Care: Medical Agencies Offer Aid

    An estimated 23 percent of Polk County residents lack health insurance. Many visit area hospitals when they're sick, even for minor colds, which is one of the reasons Lakeland Regional Medical Center expects more than 202,000 people in its Emergency...

  • Florida Governor: 'The Worst Race in America'

    Rick Scott doesn't like Charlie Crist. Charlie Crist doesn't like Rick Scott. And, if opinion polls are correct, about half of Florida voters strongly dislike Crist, and the other half hold the same view of Scott.

  • Land Conservation: Amendment 1 Deserves Your Vote

    Florida voters are being asked next month to ­approve or reject three proposed amendments to the state constitution.

  • Education Spending: Doing the Math on Funding

    Florida Republicans have tapped Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-­Cantera of Miami to speak directly to Hispanic voters in a recent Spanish-language TV ad.

  • Higher Education: Scholarship Cuts Hurt Students

    Bright Futures scholarships once helped pay for the tuition of 1 in 3 Florida college students. Tougher standards phased in over the past few years mean just 1 in 8 students now qualify, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

  • Florida's Sunshine Law: UF Makes Mockery of State Law

    The University of Florida is making a ­monumental ­decision this week in ­selecting its next president, yet the process seems about as rushed as speed dating.

  • Public Deeds: Gigs and Garlands

    Actor Tommy Lee Jones once said: "Kindness and ­politeness are not ­overrated at all. They're underused." But not by the folks below receiving garlands — they know what kindness and generosity stand for. The people receiving gigs are another...

  • Managing Our Money: Room for Financial Literacy

    Florida in recent years has made admirable strides in integrating financial literacy education into its public school curricula.

  • Lakeland Teachers: Passing the Torch

    Homer Hooks. Lois Cowles Harrison. Gene Roberts. Local leaders such as these, and other members of the Greatest Generation, led our cities and our county in the best of times and the worst of times, through growth, technological changes, recessions...

  • Medical Costs: Don't Get Sick; Get Mad

    Whatever progress the U.S. has made in ­containing health-care costs may be lost on patients, who increasingly are confounded by inexplicable medical bills.

  • Amendment 2: Slow Down On Medical Marijuana

    If you've ever watched the suffering of a loved one with a debilitating illness, there's little doubt you'd want to do anything in your power to relieve the pain.

  • Conservation: Save Indian River Lagoon

    In the fight to save the troubled Indian River lagoon, scientists and local residents are starting
    to see glimmers of light.