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  • Crist's Positions: Flip-Flop Ads Mostly Accurate

    Crist s Positions  Flip Flop Ads Mostly Accurate

    A7 new ad with an old ­complaint against Charlie Crist calls it "flippin'
    unbelievable" — then recounts how Crist has flip-flopped on, well, many things.

  • Road Safety: On Texting While Driving

    If you baked a cake to ­commemorate the one-year ­anniversary of Florida's
    texting-while-driving law on Oct. 1, there probably would be room on it to place a candle for each motorist ticketed in Polk County — 19.

  • Your Opinions: Our Facebook Question of the Week

    Last week, a U.S.-led coalition conducted airstrikes against the Islamic State in Syria. President Obama said there will be "no safe haven" for terrorists who are plotting attacks against Americans. Do you favor the actions being taken, or not? What...

  • Public Deeds: Gigs And Garlands

    Life brings us many opportunities to make a difference, some of which we accept, some of which pass us by. Today's Gigs and ­Garlands presents both.

  • Freedom's Cost: Responsible Citizens Do Their Duty

    We all enjoy our freedom. Our right to own a handgun. Our right to free speech and a free press, one unencumbered by government.

  • Space Exploration: For NASA, New Kind Of Star Trek

    Believe it or not, for-profit space ventures have been around a while. In pulp magazine stories of the 1930s and '40s, and later in sci-fi movies of the 1950s, rockets to the moon and Mars were almost always built by private companies and eccentric...

  • Breaches Common: Make Retail Secure

    The game of Whack-A-Mole comes to mind when considering the numerous security breaches in the computer systems of some of America's best-known retailers — cyber attacks that have exposed consumer information and other data.

  • Effects of Education: Crist Ad Exaggerates Damage

    Effects of Education  Crist Ad Exaggerates Damage

    Charlie Crist has upped the ante on one of his favorite talking points: attacking Gov. Rick Scott for K-12 education cuts.

  • Renewable Energy: Florida Must See the (Solar) Light

    A news report that ­Burlington, Vt., can now get 100 percent of its electricity from renewable sources is a reminder of how little Florida has done to embrace alternative energy.

  • Your Opinions: Our Facebook Question of the Week

    A week ago, Mayor Howard Wiggs and four Lakeland city commissioners voted to ask Utility Committee member Steven Wade to resign from his volunteer position.

  • Public Deeds: Gigs and Garlands

    Alas, it's Monday, which means it must be time for another round of Gigs and Garlands.

  • Community Compassion: Salvation Army Effort Worth Aid

    The Salvation Army may be best known for the red ­kettles it rolls out each Christmas, collecting money to support its mission "to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination."

  • County Development: Time to Reconsider Impact Fees

    When economic times got tough in 2010, the County Commission suspended impact fees on almost every area, leaving taxpayers instead of developers footing the bill for growth.

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