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  • Editorial: Hard to define but, once gone, easily understood

    Editorial  Hard to define but  once gone  easily understood 

    During a speech to the House of Commons at the dawn of the Cold War, Sir Winston Churchill, one of the most skillful rhetoricians of his or any other era, defended the people's right to demand that their lawmakers submit to their will, and not vice...

  • Editorial: Fans, not taxpayers, should step up to help coaches

    Editorial  Fans  not taxpayers  should step up to help coaches

    Here's a tidbit of information that explains how much we value sports as a society. Last September, the business news website 24/7 Wall St. surveyed the highest-paid public employees in each state. In 40 of them — 80 percent of the country...

  • Editorial: Issue death sentence now, or grant a reprieve

    Editorial  Issue death sentence now  or grant a reprieve

    Polk County officials recently announced a number of important changes to their garbage-disposal policy that are aimed at improving service to the nearly 400,000 county residents who rely on that.

  • Editorial: To curtail violence, we need some honest soul-searching

    Editorial  To curtail violence  we need some honest soul searching

    Twice in recent days events have reignited the debate about police violence against young black men — an issue seized upon by sincere reformers and hucksters alike.

  • Editorial: Supplying those locked in a 'food desert'

    Editorial  Supplying those locked in a  food desert 

    Herman Futral moved to Frostproof in 1933 to manage the old A&A grocery store. Three years later, he bought the place, renamed it Foodway and subsequently survived the remainder of the Depression, World War II, numerous recessions and the freezes...

  • Editorial: Gigs and garlands

    Editorial  Gigs and garlands

    Earlier this month the FX network wrapped up its 10-part miniseries “American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson,” a riveting recount of the supposed “trial of the (last) century,” wherein the famous football star was...

  • Editorial: Progress on cold sex cases

    Editorial  Progress on cold sex cases

    Gov. Rick Scott shared a rare moment of personal experience the other day when he signed the legislation intended to help whittle down Florida's large backlog of untested sexual assault kits.

  • Editorial: For bikers, an inescapable conclusion about wearing a helmet

    Editorial  For bikers  an inescapable conclusion about wearing a helmet 

    “Watch for motorcycles” or “Share the road.” Undoubtedly, Polk County motorists have spotted those words, or some derivative slogan, on countless bumper stickers. The inference is that motorcyclists' lives depend on the...

  • Editorial: Punishing schemers

    Editorial  Punishing schemers

    It's no secret that when its constituents seek to apply for or claim rightfully owed benefits, the federal government can present a bewildering labyrinth of regulations and paperwork. Given that, it's also not surprising that many of us seek help...

  • Editorial: Eagle Lake records request ruffles feathers

    Editorial  Eagle Lake records request ruffles feathers 

    They appear to be a tad touchy in Eagle Lake. As The Ledger reported, City Commissioner Arley Smith's recent public records request ignited a testy exchange at Monday's meeting with fellow Commissioner Suzy Wilson.

  • Editorial: Public universities and private money

    Editorial  Public universities and private money

    Joe Negron, the Florida Senate's incoming president, has called for spending an extra $1 billion over the next two years for the state's public universities.

  • Editorial: Hemming in executive overreach

    Editorial  Hemming in executive overreach

    The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday heard extensive arguments, and apparently argued extensively, over President Barack Obama's plan to conditionally allow an estimated 4 million illegal immigrants to remain in the country for good.

  • Editorial: A sound case for more quiet

    Editorial  A sound case for more quiet

    Much to their dismay, Lakeland commuters are being reminded about the inconvenience that sometimes accompanies having a major railroad line running through the heart of a city. CSX Transportation told city officials last week that points along four...

  • Editorial: Gigs and garlands

    Editorial  Gigs and garlands

    A decade ago Panamanian authorities announced a $5.3 billion expansion of the Panama Canal to accommodate the massive cargo freighters that have become the staple of the global shipping trade. The project, which will be finished this year, launched...

  • Editorial: Scott rightly rejects 'fairness'

    Editorial  Scott rightly rejects  fairness 

    Once again Gov. Rick Scott has made the right call in vetoing an overhaul of Florida's divorce laws. Perhaps now advocates of these supposed reforms will understand that the governor values fairness, but rejects how they want to define it. So now,...

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