Editorials About Politics

  • Bartow Silencing Critic: Officials Behaving Badly

    Bartow resident Steve Mitchell has spent the past year making a pest of himself.

  • Lakeland Police: Move Past Latest Setback

    Local dignitaries turned out in full force at Lakeland Police Chief Larry Giddens' swearing-in ceremony Monday, ready to support and applaud the man who over the past year has calmed the turbulence generated by the misdeeds of the Police...

  • Big Tobacco in Florida: Bill Would Cap Punitive Damages

    In America's corporate world few players are as universally reviled as tobacco peddlers.

  • Gigs And Garlands

    The debate over vaccinations made last Monday is a date worth noting. On Feb. 23, 1954, the initial mass inoculations against polio began.

  • Broadband Appeal: DirecTV, AT&T Deal Aid to Polk?

    Allegedly the next big thing in the telecom industry, if approved, would actually be the biggest thing in the telecom industry — that is, the proposed conglomerate created by the merger of cable-TV giants Comcast and Time Warner.

  • On-Campus Housing: Growing Pains for Florida Poly

    Florida Polytechnic University is facing criticism from some students' parents because of an on-campus housing shortage.

  • Animal Hoarding: Killing With Kindness

    No one can dispute Nancy Pfund's sincere affection for cats. Her "furry family," as she has told The Ledger, is "my whole life." Those who know her best say the 69-year-old founder of the Polk County Cat Coalition is most guilty of loving felines...

  • State Pensions: A Solid Retirement Proposal

    Venturing into the wilds of state-managed, taxpayer-funded pension plans, one emerges with a new appreciation for the folks who oversee the Florida Retirement System.

  • Improve Florida Elections: Adopt New Accuracy Efforts

    When it comes to elections, the state of Florida has held near-banana republic status since the 2000 presidential contest, which introduced terms like hanging chads and butterfly ballots into the nation's political jargon, and took the U.S. Supreme...

  • Hit-and-Run: Florida Confronts Problem

    The late Ted Kennedy left an indelible mark on American politics as a voice for the voiceless. At his passing in August 2009, few others could match the Massachusetts senator's record of trying to alleviate the plight of underprivileged children,...

  • Gigs And Garlands

    The U.S. flag was raised on Iwo Jima on this day in history 70 years ago, just four days after the United States landed on the Japanese-held island.

  • City of Winter Haven Busy Building for Future

    Just like the Jeffersons when they were "moving on up" in their hit 1970s TV show, Winter Haven is aiming high.

  • Wildlife Conservation: Kill Bears In the Woods?

    How does a state agency get from "We've done a good job protecting black bears" to "Let's shoot some bears"?

  • Lakeland's Roadblock: A Looming Doctor Shortage

    The longtime quarrel over the future of the nation's health care system between President Barack Obama, his allies and congressional Republicans has focused almost exclusively on providing health insurance.

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