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  • Divorce Issues: Alimony, Custody Need Fixes

    On average in recent years about 230 couples a day get divorced in Florida, based on state statistics, with seven of those splits occurring in Polk County.

  • LPD Sex Scandal: Closing a Sordid Chapter

    Last week's revelation in The Ledger that the city of Lakeland had settled a hostile-workplace claim brought by Sue Eberle, a former Lakeland Police Department crime analyst, revived recollections of the nearly incalculable devastation visited upon...

  • Gigs and Garlands

    Forty-five years ago today troops from the Ohio Army National Guard shot and
    killed four Kent State University students during a Vietnam War protest.

  • No Simple Solution to Killing Spate

    Last week's pointless riot in Baltimore was ignited by the still unexplained death
    of a black man at the hands of police — another chapter in what is a seemingly repetitive, endless and dismal national saga.

  • Claims Bills: When The State Does Harm

    The Florida House's hasty retreat earlier this week left plenty of important matters in the lurch. But the Legislature did finalize some bills that will not grab many headlines or pertain to a wide swath of the population, but which matter intensely...

  • Pensions and Payments: Winter Haven Has To Review Its System

    Concerned about the fiscal stress facing the system, a majority of Winter Haven city commissioners think changes are in order — a suggestion that, not surprisingly, has led the rank and file to balk.

  • Standardized Exams: Review State Tests Thoroughly

    Gov. Rick Scott on ­Wednesday announced his appointment to a panel that — along with those named by Senate President Andy Gardiner and House Speaker Steve Crisafulli — will select a firm to review the Florida Standards Assessment, the...

  • Safety on the Water: Boaters, Get Certified

    Last week the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators launched a special weeklong program to encourage better boater education.

  • Squeezing the System: Bills Would Take Toll on State Parks

    Jon Steverson, Florida's new environmental regulation chief, somewhat amused a state Senate committee a couple of weeks ago.

  • Win for craft brewers: Raise Glass For the Legislature

    As of July 1, fans of the "growler" may no longer have to grumble: "What does somebody have to do to get a drink around here?"

  • Gigs and Garlands

    Cellphones enable us to communicate with people instantly, even seeing them
    live through technology like Skype or Facetime.

  • College Behavior: Fraternities Are Going Too Far

    We realize we sound fuddy-duddyish, but this latest incident forces us to ask: what is going on with our young people? In this case, we refer to those who belong to fraternities.

  • Operation Green Light: Sometimes Amnesty Works

    Amnesty can be a prickly word, suggesting mercy to some people but often prompting others to think that someone somewhere is getting some benefit he or she doesn't rightfully deserve.

  • Drawing Tourists: Polk Can Win With Sports Sites

    The Polk County Commission is looking at ways to boost tourism, especially seeking to identify which facilities throughout the community could use some beefing up in order to keep the visitors, and their dollars, rolling in.

  • Gay Adoption: Conscience Deserves Protection

    The U.S. Constitution's ­protection of religious ­freedom can sometimes toss our political and legal institutions a curve ball when a practice is questioned as being core to one's faith or resting on the fringe of worship.

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