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  • Nelson Seeks Answers After SpaceX Explosion

    Nelson Seeks Answers After SpaceX Explosion

    U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson is sounding the alarm about the future of U.S. space flights, but industry officials in Florida remained calm after the latest explosion of a cargo rocket Sunday.

  • Marion County Removes Confederate Flag

    Marion County Removes Confederate Flag

    Marion County's administration has removed the Confederate flag that had been flying in front of the McPherson Governmental Complex.

  • Local Research Vessel Left Out to Sea

    Local Research Vessel Left Out to Sea

    The 71-foot R.V. Bellows has been a marine sciences workhouse for four decades, helping researchers monitor red tide, analyze coral in the Keys and study oily water after the Deepwater Horizon spill.

  • Gov. Scott Drops Lawsuit Over Medicaid Expansion

    Florida Gov. Rick Scott said Thursday he’s dropping a lawsuit against the Obama administration after federal officials agreed in principle to extend federal hospital funds for two more years.

  • Governor Scott Says Connecticut Officials Help His Recruitment Effort

    Connecticut's governor and General Assembly have unintentionally helped Florida Gov. Rick Scott's effort to recruit out-of-state businesses by offering up state budgets that increase taxes, the Republican governor said Thursday.

  • Confederate Flag Debate Stirs Panhandle

    The flap over Confederate flags now sweeping the nation is stirring in the Florida Panhandle, where folks who failed to get the controversial banner removed more than a decade ago have revived their efforts.

  • Challenge Considered to Abortion Waiting Period

    Only days before a new Florida law would start requiring 24-hour waits before women can have abortions, a Leon County circuit judge is considering whether to place a hold on the law while a constitutional challenge goes forward.

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