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  • Crist Gets Boost With Public Money

    TALLAHASSEE | Former Gov. Charlie Crist is getting some help for his challenge to incumbent Gov. Rick Scott. And it's coming from Florida taxpayers.

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  • Air Force Sergeant Gets Death in Double Murder

    LARGO | A former Air Force sergeant has been sentenced to death in the killing of his ex-girlfriend and their 15-month-old child.

  • Research: Background Check System Failing

    Research  Background Check System Failing

    While the National Instant Criminal Background Check System remains the only square inch of compromise between the nation's divided gun camps, the costly federal program is failing to keep guns away from the dangerously mentally ill.

  • Congressional District Map Filed With Court

    Florida lawmakers filed a revised congressional map with the Circuit Court on Friday, even as it appears elections will proceed this fall under the old districts and the new districts will face another legal challenge.

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