Bowling: Pins Fell Fast in Week Filled with 3 800 Series, 2 Perfect Games

Published: Saturday, April 7, 2012 at 11:33 p.m.
Last Modified: Saturday, April 7, 2012 at 11:33 p.m.

Must be something in the air (other than pollen) as Cypress lanes bowlers blew the pins away this week.

There were three 800 series in three days and two perfect 300 games. Two of the 800s were accomplished by senior bowlers: Rick Coleman 226/299/279/804 and Alan Karash 278/300/224/802, his first perfect game.

In the Cypress City Men, Billy Ragatz hit for 279/268/269/816 and Jimmy Sherman rolled a 300 in the youth/ adult league. Across the way at Orange Bowl Trevor Bryant was perfect with 300 and 695.

In addition to all these noteworthy performances there were also 700s aplenty led by Tony Corrao's 265/256/756. Mike Doloff tossed 278/749, Matt Dierolf 289/741, Ragatz 266/739, Alec Mathews 735, Toby Waters 279/728, Travis Slater 277/725 (youth), Jay Taylor 246/716 and Joe Sawoscinski 255/716.

Bob Fott rolled 269/695, John Bickford 253/694, Jim Laffoon 268/690, Mike Bruno 248/687, Ed Charles 248/675, Bob Capilla 258/668, Dale Brookens 257/667, Dale Hultsch 257/664, Rick Rylott 253/662, Pete Cepeda 279/660, Anthony Bolognese 253/659 (youth), Marianne Palmer 650, Linda Hultsch 616 and Junior youth bowler, Jordan Sirera (average 145) 204/247/622.

Super games came from Billy Guthrie 290, Terrance Reeves 269, Virgie Foster 269, Rick Coleman 265, Chris Chartrand 264, Lary Donley 259, Ed Harr 258 and 257, Scott Kirkland 257, Arnie Graham 256, Gary Schlafke 257 abd 251 and more 200s scored by Kristal Ventura, Jason Sirera, Bobby Keely, Jan May, Rebecca Morris, Franklin Walker, Bob Kurent, Dick Henderson, Kelly Suit, Tim Todd, Marcerl VanMorkhoven, Larry Giuliano, Alan Morris, Bobbi Cupp (personal high game 210), Kris Cherry, Larry MacBlane, Ray Thompson, Linda Myer, Jim Howell, 90, years young, Gar Sagar bowled 234.

Cypress has a Senior Scratch league for summer, starting at 3 p.m. on May 15. The league is open to all bowlers 55 and older, averaging at least 160. The cost is only $11 per week. Call 863-294-3295 to sign up or for information.

Down the road at Imperial Lanes, Hugh Slater scored 770 and 600s were posted by Bob Wagner 697, Agin Williams 684, Brandon Mackey 666, Bill Crane 652, Brian Pistole, Gary C. Pistole, Kris Cherry, Tom Cruz, Keith Miller, Gary R. Pistole, Robert Gress, Troy Cheek and Bill Finch. Scores over 200 were recorded by Pam Pistole, Rebecca Morris, Tom Roberts, Charles Reese, Brian Sugaski, Jim Blythe, Don Austin, Joe Douglas, Rob Johnson, Bill Wagner, Tom Roberts, Dan Grondin, Tom O'Neal, Bill Crane, Bob LaVigne, John Chandler, Dave Doncell, Ken Glover, Tom Gress and Jesus Pabon.

Orange Bowl produced a star-studded line-up of 700s topped by Pokey Podgorski 254/299/741, Chuck Shertoski 247/257/739, Bryan Adkins 269/259/734, Byron Tennison 257/721, Jimmy Coffman 247/257/715, Clay Gillem 279/710, Sawoscinski 257/708, Sal Trevino 255/278/708, Chad Ashley 279/706, Bradley Jackson 241/704, Jason Hoyt 267/703, Fred Pronk 703, Randall Gregory 247/701 and Paul Charbonneau 258/701.

Notable 600s were rolled by Emilio Mora 257/269/699, Bill Sumner 697, Eric Hansen 256/695, Walter Collins 245/258/693, Bill Conner 264/688, Mike Campbell 259/685, Scott Farrington242/685, Larry VandereBie 684, Doug Lovett 275/681, Dave Piker 675, Thomas Taylor 672, Shertoski 255/665, John Smith 255/663, Hoyt 662, Walter Dunn 662, Manny Castanon 258/658 and more 600s by Robert Kozma, Keith Searles, Mike Luiz, Danny Marcum, James Judd, Ryan Carr, Meckie Keys, Casmpbell, Allison Korcak, Chad Richards, Tina Peavy, Remer Letchworth, Leroy Brice, Scott Alexander, Cliff Beaumont and Randy Cabrera.

Earl Sykes shot 265, Pete Collins 260 and Carol Baker 256. The youth at Orange Bowl posted 600s by Matt Grabowski and Eric Smith and 200 games from Austin Pruizek and Richard Towler.

Significant games were rolled by David Finch, Shelby Brown, Hunter Mead, Brady Hoyt, Camron Kozma and Desiree Rock.

On over to AMF Lakeland Lanes where Aaron Ellingsworth "just missed" with a 299 game. Stan Sprow recorded 286/279/779, T.J.Meurer 249/234/234/717, Jay Sparks 714 and Ronald Gregory 289/703.

Lots of top 600s were scored with Chad Ashley 256/698, Chip Rinderle 248/688, Meckie Keys 248/687, Bob Baugher 246/683, C.W. Prine 247/682, Berry Hopkins 267/681, Josh Sype 678, Rick Lawhorn 675, Ellingsworth 674, Paul Harper 245/673, Billy Forgue 247/671, Martin Goode 269/668, John Fuentes 263/668, Randall Gregory 245/665, Alonzo Burton 650, Janis Caffee 254/643, Barbara Gnegy, Al Bottoms, Ed Smithson, Michael Burrows, Ron Johnson, Kirby Radford, Jay Turner, Pam Sprow and Tomi Burns. Joseph Goins bowled his first 500 series, 502.

Notable games over 200 were recorded by Dawn Martinson, Brian Myers, Rob McManus, John Rolfe, Cory Sype, Jeff Slaten, David Lyon, Bob Shearer and Daniel Stone. Walter Dunn hit 267, Bob Reedy 257, Hal Wasserback 256, Bruce Tohm & Mike McNeill 253, with additional 200s by Steve Howard, Cicero Carr, Trevor Bryant, Bob Harley, Mike Stringer, Rich White, Bruce Burkman, Tom Biller, Greg Caffee, Frank Collins, Bob Martinchich, Ray McMillon, Jackie Harris, Carol Wadley, Michelle Giddens, Anna Chewing, Johnnie Gaddis, Cory Sheward Bob Ledord, Tom Edwards, Ed Vitale, Bud Serletic and Everett Rieck.

The annual meeting was excellent and we offer our congratulations to all of the newly elected officers. Please note however that the FAX number listed for me in the OBBA yearbook should 863-937-3295.

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