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  • Florida Legislature Updates

    House Approves Presidential Search Secrecy
    Florida universities and colleges could keep secret the names of candidates for president under a bill approved by the Florida House.

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  • Obama Names New Face of Health Care in America

    Obama Names New Face of Health Care in America

    Abruptly on the spot as the new face of "Obamacare," Sylvia Mathews Burwell faces steep challenges, both logistical and political.

  • U.S. Blocks Iran Pick for U.N. Envoy

    U S  Blocks Iran Pick for U N  Envoy

    In a rare diplomatic rebuke, the United States has blocked Iran's controversial pick for envoy to the United Nations, a move that could stir fresh animosity at a time when Washington and Tehran have been seeking a thaw in relations.

  • Latvala Claims Majority Support For Tuition Bill

    The sponsor of a measure that would extend in-state tuition to undocumented immigrants said Friday that a majority of the Senate has agreed to co-sponsor the bill (SB 1400).

  • House Backs Weapons Bill for Emergencies

    The House on Friday approved a National Rifle Association-backed measure that would allow people without concealed weapons licenses to pocket their legally owned guns during declared emer­gencies.

  • Faster Highways Bill En Route to House Floor

    Over the objections of AAA, Florida lawmakers are closer to paving the way for some roads in the Sunshine State to be among the fastest east of the Mississippi.

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